Tradition-inspired learning

Saint Andrew’s is a small school with a very big heart, where tradition-inspired learning means hard work, discipline, respect, honesty, teamwork, empathy and excellence.
At Saints, every boy has a name and the ability to create his own niche, but he is also taught the value of working together to achieve big results.
We’re an Anglican Church school, focused on a holistic education, where academics, sport and culture are all equally encouraged and appreciated, where we strive to be the best we can be, and where we frequently exceed our own high expectations.



Sonia Lupien

Jonathan Zapiro





Garth Shaw


Plenary Presentations

Joyce Ras

Embracing Change Understanding the Human Mind

Create reframing mindsets through Framestorm

Reframing your mind Reflection Questions

Embracing Change Reigniting the Human Touch

Re-ignite the Human Touch Reflection Questions

Embracing Change Emotional Agility 

Stepping out of your Emotions Reflection Questions

From Surviving to Thriving Reflection Questions

Surviving vs Thriving 

Thinking Environment Attention and Incisive Questions

Thinking Environment Appreciation and Equality

Thinking Environment Appreciation and Equality Questions

Thinking Environment_Ease, Encouragement and Feelings

Thinking Environment Ease, Encouragement and Feelings Questions

Thinking Environment Information, Place and Diverse Views

Thinking Environment Information, Place and Diverse Views Questions

Thinking Environment Practical Meetings

Thinking Environment Practical Meetings Questions

Thinking Environment How to conduct a meeting

Purposefully Authentic Being Authentic

Purposefully Authentic Being Authentic Reflection Questions

Purposefully Authentic From I to We Notes

Purposefully Authentic From I to We Questions

Purposefully Authentic Leading with Purpose 

Purposefully Authentic Leading with Purpose Reflections Questions

Purposefully Authentic Empowering Others Notes  

Purposefully Authentic Empowering Others Reflections Questions

Summary of Time2Lead Notes

Time2Lead Summary and Final Reflection Questions

We acknowledge Susan van Jaarsveld, HR Director of UFS as well as Joyce Ras, Industrial Psychologist and Owner of Capability2Lead for Development and Design and thank them for making these podcasts available at no cost.

Breakaway Presentations

Light2Live on nutrition, a healthy body and lifestyle

Using maths performance from grade 1 to grade 12 = hope for subject choice

IBSC Proactive Classroom Discipline - Ralph Paterson

Absent parenting slides - Chris Luman

Darkness to the Light - Matthew Marwick

Igniting Agile Leaders

IBSC presentation March 2020 - What really matters

21st Century What - Robert Flatermeier

21st Century What - Robert Flatermeier

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